4th of July Costa Savings

Celebrating Independence Day

Independence Day is the day we celebrate our American history and liberties by commemorating our official separation from Great Britain. We like to think of it as America's birthday and it's always one of the biggest parties of the year. What better way to celebrate this occasion than by gathering with friends and loved ones? Whether you're grilling, fishing, or tearing it up on the field, we've got the right Costa Del Mar sunglasses for every one of these occasions. Check out some of our picks for those special outdoor activities you and your loved ones might be participating in today, or any day. Make sure you don't miss out on these 4th of July Costa savings - they won't be here long!

Kiss The Chef: Perfect for the Grill

Days like this were made for the grill and plans wih the family, but for one reason or another, that hot summer sun always has plans of its own. Whether you’re grilling in the backyard, or partying it up at your local park, you’ll need to protect your eyes from those UV rays, and why not do it with some of the best polarized lenses on the market today? Shop these state-of-the-art sunglasses available right now on ShadesDaddy! 


Ready for the Catch

There’s nothing like spending a long weekend on the open sea. Aside from maybe spending the long weekend on the open sea with a quality pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, but that’s just us. Whether you’re on an extended fishing trip to get away from it all, or on a quest to catch that next swordfish to show your buddies, we've got the right pair of Costa's for you, at the right price. Check out these trending pairs available right now on ShadesDaddy today! 

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Our Fav Pairs for Sports

Days like this call for calling the buddies up and playing some softball or touch football to reminisce on old times. But if you’re going to be out there in the sun, you’ll need some sunglasses that offer great protection, without slipping off your head because of the sweat. Make sure you grab your pair before this 4th of July Costa savings are over. Shop these sporty, ready-for-anything frames at ShadesDaddy today! 

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