Are Ray-Ban Sunglasses Unisex?

Everyone needs a pair of glasses to protect themselves from the scorching UV rays. But the days are gone when sunglasses were used only to protect the eyes. Now, sunglasses set a style statement along with effective protection. Ray-Ban is among the most popular brands of shades. The Aviator is the most adored style of sunglasses among Ray-Ban's entire range of products. Although it was designed long ago, it is still considered one of the trendiest styles. Its latest upgrades can give other brands a run for its money. One of the defining characteristics of Ray-Ban sunglasses is that all styles are unisex. Their fluid design and strong metal-glass combination suit men and women alike.

Less than about 5% of styles are for either men or women - this happens in sunglasses and eyeglasses as well. For the most part, Ray-Ban is a unisex brand - especially when it comes to the most popular models such as the Ray-Ban Aviators, Wayfarers, and Clubmasters.

The polarized glasses collection provides additional features in terms of protection and style. They provide 100% UV deflection. This avoids any damage to the cornea and reduces chances of cataract. It is particularly helpful in the sunny days as the polarized glasses are known for their anti-glare properties. The level of protection either increases or decreases depending on the type of glass you choose. Fortunately, their unisex design allows both men and women enjoy the same type of design.


The comfort you gain from a pair of designer sunglasses like Ray-Ban is unparalleled. The clear vision with antiglare properties acts as an additional sense while driving or during active events. Polarized sunglasses have vertical filters that avoid horizontal rays, such as glare or direct light. Non-polarized sunglasses only reduce the amount of light entering the eye. They reduce the brightness of illuminated objects. Both polarized and non-polarized sunglasses are effective for people who are prone to skin-related problems when overexposed to sunlight.

Colored lenses alter the contrast of the view, creating a better picture out of what we see. Grey and smoke-colored lenses reduce the light intensity without drastically distorting the color of one's vision, and they are helpful when there is high sunlight. Amber and brown colors increase the contrast of the view, and they are ideal to be worn in dark places. Yellow lenses also reduce excess light intake, but they provide a clear view and are preferred during cloudy conditions. Transitions lenses are 30% colored, but they increase their darkness to 80% when exposed to direct sunlight. Plastic or polycarbonate lenses also exhibit these properties.

The Ray-Ban sunglasses are accompanied with industry standard frames often made from metals or alloys to increase the overall strength and look.  Both men and women love them because of their precise design and material strength. offers a wide variety of Ray-Ban sunglasses. In addition to a 100% authenticity guarantee, each purchase comes with free U.S. shipping.