Best Sunglasses for Men – our Top Picks

When looking for the best sunglasses for men, the ShadesDaddy experts considered all possible factors in choosing the best of the best. Sunglasses are used for functional purposes, like protecting one’s eyes from the sun with UV protection. Sunglasses are also used as a fashion accessory to accommodate a lifestyle or become an ensemble piece to a style of clothing.

Overall, the sunglasses of your choice should come down to style, function, and your overall shape face. As we laid out in our easy-to-read face shape guide, each face is unique to its shape and should accommodate the style of sunglasses based on the measurements of your face.

Multiple stylings will fit the contour of your face and with ShadesDaddy’s wide collection across all of the latest styles and shapes, you’ll be sure to find the sunglasses of your choice in minutes.

Whatever your preference is when it comes to your personal style and color scheme, your face shape will ultimately determine which style of frames you should choose from.

When selecting the best sunglasses for men, it can be tough to select the exact sunglasses with all the great possible solutions out there.

With 2022 bucking new trends across the sunglasses industry, our experts will highlight just a few of the top trendsetting pairs that will feast your appetite for the latest in sunglasses fashion.

Selecting Sunglasses by Shape Face

Your face shape ultimately determines the style of sunglasses we’ll recommend for you, so make sure you keep the shape guide handy with the selections we’ve chosen below:

For the round face shape, we recommend going with a frame that’s more angular and shaped to keep away from making your face too circular. Accentuating your face with wider, squarer framed sunglasses will go the distance in your sunglasses quest.

Some of the latest 2022 designs include:

RADAR EV PITCH - OO9211 RB3549 - 029/11

An oval-shaped face is the ideal face shape – you simply cannot go wrong with any pair of sunglasses, short of finding a pair that is wider than your face. Hare a few to consider:

RAY-BAN RB3016 MB0143S

Finding the best summer sunglasses for the square-shaped face should have more of a rounded corner to accommodate the square jaw. Make sure you choose a pair with softer lines and not too many angles.

SUTRO - 940606 SUTRO - 940608

For those with a heart-shaped face, we recommend different angles and dimensions to add some flavor to your face. We recommend not going for something oversized or in a round or oval shape.

GOEMON - 41/71 BOILER - 225387

 The diamond-shaped face will work for most frames, so long as they stay within the proportion of your face. Try and avoid any sunglasses that will appear wider than your cheekbones, which will make it the widest points of your face.

NEW AVIATOR - 92023F GRINGO - 27486G

As with all sunglasses for both fashion and function, it will come down to preference. We created the guide to help customers understand which of the best sunglasses for men would look most optimal for their face shape. We encourage our customers to take a look through our vast catalog to see which pair of sunglasses work best for you!

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