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Do All Ray-Ban Sunglasses Have Logo On Lenses?

March 04, 2014 2 min read

ray ban lenses logo

Ray ban lenses logo

Ray Ban is a brand name of much significance and recognition in the industry, renowned for its superior quality and stylish eyewear frame designs which promise great comfort and convenience to the user.

Amongst the numerous brands offering eyewear in the industry, Ray Ban is known for providing its clients with a large portfolio of daring, glamorous, retro, vintage and classic eyewear designs, expertly crafted to cater to the diverse needs of the target market.

The brand has introduced a number of ever popular sunglasses and regular glasses designs in the market, which have been the main focus for fans who wish to follow and adopt every fashion statement and sport chic and stylish eyewear.

Being an old and expert eyewear designing company, Ray Ban products have definite specific features, which have been designed to distinguish it from other brands in the market, and also prevent any fake products to easily pass out into the market under the name of the expert brand. The Ray Ban sunglasses and glasses are created from specific materials, in copyrighted frame designs, with the characteristic brand logo on the lenses of the Ray Ban eyewear.


Ray-Ban Lenses and Brand Logo

The most important distinguishing feature of the Ray Ban brand is the placement of the brand logo of the company on the lenses of the sunglasses and glasses offered by it. The characteristic Ray Ban logo serves as the testimony of the fact that one has purchased the original sunglass version from the brand.

The logo is etched into the upper portion of a lens, especially in the case of double lenses, offered by the company, for certain specific models.  While etching is not done on single lenses, the Ray Ban logo is still present on the side of the lens, as a symbol and evidence of the sunglass pair, being an original product of the brand.

Besides serving as the means of promoting the brand and establishing the brand identity in the industry, the Ray Ban logo also serves to prevent any fakes and forgeries from circulating in the market, using the name of the popular brand. Fake Ray Ban products serve to dissatisfy customers with their subpar quality, which affects the goodwill and reputation of the company in the industry and amongst the target market.

The logo serves as an authentication and a seal, etched into the lens frame of the sunglass or regular glass brand product, calculated to educate the customer segment that an eyewear item has been designed and crafted by the most reliable experts in the industry.

Keeping these factors in mind, Ray Ban places their brand logo on the lens of all their eyewear products, distinguishing them from competitors and fakes in the market.

The characteristic and stylish brand logo of Ray Ban, has served to entertain and charm generations of fashion enthusiasts and style lovers, who have sported the product of the brand, and been enthralled by the simple but chic design of the company’s brand logo.


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