Do Oakley Sunglasses Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Oakley warranty

It has become more of a necessity to ensure the warranty of a purchased product in the market. Almost all branded and expensive items have warranties which can be claimed by the buyers within the specified time period, in case of any defects or damages caused to the purchased item.

Warranties ensure a great convenience for buyers in the market who wish to make intelligent purchase decisions, and also wish for service and assistance with the product, after the deal for an item has been made. It has become a trend within the customer market to prefer the purchase of brand items which offer warranty over those which do not offer such convenience. It is an understandable preference, in which the buyer feels more comfortable with the idea of purchasing a product, for which they can avail the expert services of a company, in case of any defects or damages caused to a product, within a specific period of time, as per company specified policy.



It would not be wrong to state that warranties have become one of the most important factors which affect the purchase decision of an individual. The reliability and expert customer services of a company are gauged from their provided warranty, convincing an individual that the brand would surely provide the highest form of product quality to its customers.

It is a matter of perception of the buyer, which results in drawing in increasing sales for the company, and assists it to ensure greater customer trust towards the brand. With the intense competition in the market, providing warranties to buyers can serve as the distinguishing feature for a company.

Oakley is a brand known in the market for providing its customers with high quality eye wear and other apparel products, which are preferred by a large segment of interested buyers. Formerly, the company used to offer its customers a lifetime warranty offer on around all of its products, providing convenient services to ensure that they are able to preserve their client satisfaction, trust and loyalty.

But with time, the warranty policy of the Oakley brand has changed, and has been converted from a lifetime warranty, into a one year warranty for their sunglasses and other eyewear. This apparently sudden change in the policies of the brand comes equipped with a new set of rules and guidelines, designed specifically to assist their customers to understand the requirements and services offered by Oakley.

The brand has specified a one year warranty service to customers, for their eyewear products, with the exception of a few company items, like MPH eyewear, Standard Issue eyewear, display eyewear and spare parts. The company’s new warranty policy states that customers who register their purchased eyewear product with the original proof of purchase, can enjoy a warranty extension for a total of two years. The warranty regulations specify that any alterations or misuse of the Oakley product will make the warranty claim void.

With the change in the styles and designs of the latest eyewear offered by the brand, Oakley has also revised its stance on the period of warranty they currently provide to their customers.