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Do Polarized Sunglasses Cause Headaches?

January 25, 2014 2 min read

Do Polarized Sunglasses Cause Headaches?

Polarized lenses have become the norm for use in sunglasses because of their outstanding ability to prevent any ultra violet and blue light to filter in easily. Doctors and optometrists recommend their patients and even individuals with perfect eyesight, to use polarized sunglasses while outdoors, in order to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of the sunlight.

Sunglasses Cause Headaches


Polarized Sunglasses- Preferred Option by Many!

Polarized lenses prevent the sunlight which is reflected from the surfaces of car windshields, roofs, roads and water surfaces, from inducing a blinding glare, which could hamper visibility. The lenses have vertical stripes which prevent the horizontal reflected light from penetrating through the polarized shield, thus ensuring effective protection from any chance of exposure to ultra violet light.

The ultra violet light has the potential to cause various highly dangerous optical diseases, like cataracts, cancer, macular degeneration, pinguecula and pterygium. These diseases and medical conditions cause considerable discomfort and inconvenience to exposed individuals, which hamper and affect their vision.

The Relationship between Polarized Sunglasses and Headaches

Some individuals share their experiences of having suffered from severe headaches and nausea while wearing polarized lenses. Because of the incident of wearing polarized lenses at the time of the ache, these individuals associate and link them both and quote one as a result of the other.

Do Polarized Sunglasses Cause Headaches


Polarized lenses are perfect for providing highly effective protection from ultra violet light while outdoors. One of the reasons that different individuals might experience headaches while wearing polarized sunglasses is that the polarized screens and coatings on the lenses are only meant for use while outdoors. Individuals who wear their polarized lenses indoors as well as outdoors, are bound to experience headaches, as suitable amount of light does not penetrate through the lens, which produces a strained effect on the eyes.

Another reason is the purchase and use of low quality polarized sunglasses which do not offer efficient protection from the ultra violet and blue light. These lenses do not filter the light completely, which results in the penetration of harmful sunlight through the lenses. The low quality polarized lenses also have uneven application of the polarization coating, which affects the vision of an individual, and poses strain which results in headaches.

The defected lens of the sunglasses could also be a possible reason for the resultant headaches of wearing polarized lenses. Some individuals who view screens of different electrical devices which have special coatings, like laptops and tablets etc., might also experience nausea and headaches.



Wearing polarized lenses for a long period of time, both indoor and outdoor, affects the visibility of the eyes, as they have to quickly adjust according to the different lighting in both areas. The coating of the polarized lenses makes it difficult, and induces a strain on the nerves of the eyes, which cause severe headaches.

Polarized lenses in sunglasses have become a necessity for all individuals, especially those who engage in a number of daily outdoor activities, and run the risk of prolonged exposure to harmful UV light. The purchase of high quality polarized lenses and careful usage, will reduce the chances of headaches.

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