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Guys, These 4 Style of Sunglasses Will Make You More Attractive

August 31, 2015 1 min read

4 Style of Sunglasses Will Make You More Attractive

Looking to up your style? Get the attention of a girl to show her you have style and on trend? We know exactly what style of sunglasses girls love and will love you for wearing them. The sunglasses styles we’re listing are worn by rockstars, movie stars and just plain awesome.

1. Aviator: The aviator is the essential man classic pair. When it comes to a pair of aviators, having a distinct pair can go a long way. Women will look at you...and more so..ask you to either let you borrow them or try them on. The aviator style of sunglasses really uplifts any outfit if you get the right pair. These 4 Style of Sunglasses Will Make You More Attractive

 2. Wayfarer: The Wayfarer is also the essential man classic pair of sunglasses. Like the Aviator above, a pair of distinct Wayfarer will get her attention and again, ask you to borrow them or try them on. Wayfarer style glasses are found to be insanely attractive and sexy on men.


3. Clubmaster: The Clubmaster style of sunglasses makes a guy look more intellectual and sexy. Put on a pair and instantly upgrade the style of any outfit you are wearing. They have cool written all over them and just a great style to have in your sunglasses rotation to uplift your look.

These 4 Style of Sunglasses Will Make You More Attractive 

4. Round: Put on a pair of round shades and you’re instantly a rockstar. Round sunglasses say you have style and show confidence. Round style of sunglasses also show a degree of class and status that we see with many great celebs wearing to really change their look and make them look even better! Ray-ban-round-fleck-blackThese 4 Style of Sunglasses Will Make You More Attractive 

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