How To Replace Ray Ban Lenses

Wondering how to replace Ray Ban lenses? Replacing the lenses usually costs a lot less than replacing the whole pair of sunglasses. Once you've purchased replacement lenses for your Ray Ban sunglasses, you're just a few simple steps away from having a fully functional pair of sunglasses again.


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how to replace ray ban lenses

How To Remove Lens

  1. Order Your Ray Ban Replacement Lens

    Order your Ray Ban replacement lenses to fit the style & size of the frames you're working with.

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  2. Hold The Ray Ban Sunglasses Firmly

    Hold your Ray Ban sunglasses firmly by the nosepiece. Grasp them with the outside lenses facing you and the earpieces pointing away.

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  3. Gently Remove Old Lens

    Press the frames outward gently with your thumbs--keeping a light tension with your fingers--until the lens pops backwards out of the frame. It might take some steady pressure to get the lens out, but hold onto to nosepiece and corner of lens frame supporting the frame so it doesn't snap, then bend out a little and push the lens away from you.

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  4. **TIP

    Apply heat to the frames helps loosen it up. Fill a sink with hot tap water, and hold lens area of the sunglasses frames under water (fill with hot running water from the sink faucet; NOT boiling water). Keep under water for 30 seconds. Repeat process above.

  5.  Replace The Lens 

    Turn the glasses around so that the earpieces point toward you.
    Place the new lens on the inside of the frame, against the opening where it should be installed. Wrap your fingers around the frame. Place both thumbs against either side of the lens, and press gently and evenly until it pops into place. Apply pressure around the edges of the new lens--still working from inside the glasses--to make sure it's firmly seated all the way around.

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About Ray Ban Repair:

If you're looking to buy Ray Ban replacement lenses, is one of the largest internet retailers of Ray Ban lenses and temples for repair. We order parts directly from Luxottica (the manufacturing company and owner of Ray Ban,) and pass this service on to the customer.

In order to purchase parts from us, you do not need your sunglasses to be under warranty. However, please note, we are not able to get any Ray Ban parts that were manufactured during the period that they were manufactured by its past owner, Bausch & Lomb.

All parts are ordered from Ray Ban and shipped within a 10 day business period from our Miami office.