Top Sunglass Styles

Top Sunglass Styles for Spring

ShadesDaddy is ready for spring with our top sunglass styles for the spring of 2022. We are celebrating the sporty types this spring with featured pairs from our Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Costa collections.

Whether you’re out in the open water or need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes against sun conditions, ShadesDaddy has you covered. With an additional $50 off select eyewear this spring, your eyes will thank you in so many ways.

As we welcome warmer weather, we start with the best shades for the wide-open seas that money can buy. Costa Del Mar is famous for being the go-to sunglasses when combatting the glares of the open water and the harsh rays of the sun.

ShadesDaddy’s vast Costa Del Mar collection features multiple styles and colors that will not only help your eyes as you navigate the great outdoors but will look good doing it.

Top Sunglass Styles for Spring

These beach-style-inspired sunglasses are the ultimate pair to wear while on the deep blue sea. Built with straight temples, integrated spring hinges, and double-cut textures, the frames are the perfect blend of style and function. When looking for a pair of sunglasses that are the embodiment of the thick waves of the ocean, the Half-Moon frames are for you.

Next on our must-have Costa list are the Costa Aviators.

top sunglass styles for spring

The “Peli” in the name is short for “Pelican” and is a true inspiration from the water. Pilot shaped with sharp features and with high-quality materials, these frames are built to last. Illumed by the boat hull with textures enlightened by the coastal living, the Peli Aviators are an inspiration to see what’s out there in the open waters.

Check out a fan favorite with the Costa Women's line.

Top sunglass styles for spring

Like the other water-loving pairs above, these classics are true to their namesake and are the embodiment of life on the coast. Completely protective against harmful UV rays, these frames offer a wavy texture that perfectly personifies the sandy shorelines.

Included in our spring collection is another top sunglass styles brand: Ray-Ban. The Ray-Ban brand is synonymous with combining the worlds of fashion and speed, made of the highest quality products, and is fully made to protect your eyes from all conditions. From the classics to the retro pairs, Ray-Bans are fully functional, high-quality sunglasses that will also make you feel like a million bucks.

Top Sunglass Styles for Spring

An homage to the 70s look, these oversized square frames fit the bill for function and will be sure to turn heads in the process. With a strong foundation, the Arista frames are a simply constructed pair that will leave you looking confident and bold.

Nothing says the great outdoors like Oakley and ShadesDaddy’s spring sale will have you covered with the latest Oakley styles. The Oakley brand is proud to offer peak sports performance across a wide array of frame types and styles.

Top sunglass styles for spring

A true hallmark of the Oakley brand, these high-performing sunglasses offer a timeless design combined with modern technology. Driven by adventure and exploration, these hero-inspired frames are the epitome of Oakley innovation: equal parts style and performance in one frame.

Top sunglasses styles for spring

A modern spin on the iconic traditional round sunglasses, the Coinflip Rounds is built with a strong material foundation. The contemporary look blends the past with the present but is the perfect combination of style and comfort.

ShadesDaddy has you covered

At ShadesDaddy this spring, not only are we promoting an active lifestyle in your new sunglasses, we are knocking off an extra $50 off the price. With free shipping within the United States, our spring offer won’t last long, so make sure you grab the pair that best personifies your outdoor style fast!

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