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Top Sunglasses Brands

September 16, 2022 2 min read

The Top Sunglasses Brands

In pursuit of the top eyewear experience at the best prices, the ShadesDaddy team is proud to announce three of our latest additions to our brand collections: DITA, MYKITA, and Valentino. Offering some of the best designs and manufacturing quality in the eyewear industry today, these top sunglasses brands have some of the best pairs on the market today.


top sunglasses brands

Around for over 25 years, the DITA has set itself apart from the modern competition with an intense dedication to form and functionality. Sometimes taking months to design and craft a frame, and the brand spares no expense when it comes to research and design. With a heavy focus on Japanese craftsmanship and American design aesthetics, DITA sunglasses bring together two of the most important qualities in eyewear today: quality and beauty. Whether you're looking for the right piece for a day in the city or the perfect frame that goes with anything, the DITA brand has a stunning frame for you. Shop our vast selection of DITA glasses at ShadesDaddy today for some of the biggest savings on the market today!

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top sunglasses brands

As one of the top sunglasses brands today, MYKITA provides users with an incredibly classy and sophisticated look, while never lagging behind in the lens or comfort technology department. Worn by some of Hollywood's biggest celebs, these iconic frames have become stars all on their own. As subtly refined as any high-end eyewear brand today, MYKITA emits a sense of calm, enduring style assured to be around for eras to come. Perfect for any occasion, the brand manufactures each frame in Berlin and takes pride in making sure each product released is up to the luxury brand's standards. Browse through our diverse selection of stunning MYKITA frames at ShadesDaddy today, and save big while you're at it.

top sunglasses brands top sunglasses brands top sunglasses brands top sunglasses brands


Founded in Florence, Italy in 1960, the Valentino brand exudes Italian luxury with every single item the company produces. Headquartered in Milan, the company makes a wide variety of products, all of which have a distinctly European flare, a throughline that is evident in each Valentino eyewear collection. From the latest trendsetting designs to lovely reinterpretations of vintage forms, the brand understands exactly how to keep an audience engaged for decades at a time. Find your perfect pair of Valentino frames at ShadesDaddy today!

VA4082 VA4111 VA4110 VA4108

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