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RETROSUPERFUTURE TUTTOLENTE The newest style and trend comes from RETROSUPERFUTURE in the TUTTOLENTE collection. This amazing collection includes some of the more popular Super sunglasses such as the Lucia, Paloma and others. Tuttolente literally means, "All Lens." The Tuttolente was made to share a minimal and functional core: A structure made of two essential components. A single sheet of top notch Zeiss lens that composes both the frame and arms of each piece and metal hardware that keeps the components together. Lightweight yet resilient, fashionable yet unbearably versatile, the Tuttolente collection is composed of two different lines of sunglasses. If you're looking to up your game trend, look no further than getting yourself a pair of Super TUTTOLENTE sunglasses which will turn heads and put you on top of the shades game.