Arnette sunglasses aren't exactly "pretty boy" sunglasses. In fact, they are the kind of sunglasses that appeal to your inner bad boy (or girl), who knows that no matter how "bad" you are, you should protect your eyes from ultraviolet damage. Arnette's are big among professional athletes because of their performance and innovative designs. They offer the highest quality scratch and impact-resistant lenses. They're lightweight, but hang on effortlessly, and they can stand up to the lifestyles of the surfers, skaters, and wakeboarders who love them. 

    Skater Danny Supa favors Arnette's "Infamous" shades, while wakeboarder Randall Harris likes the sleek "Lustre" style. Surfers Timmy Reyes and Nic Lamb like the "Temper" and "Infamous" models, all of which are available right here. 

    The frames of Arnette sunglasses are made of grilamid nylon or metal. The grilamid helps the sunglasses keep their original shape even in extreme temperatures. Plus, the frames have rubber nose pads that keep your shades on in the water. The nose pads are made to get sticky when wet, making it harder for the water to steal your sunglasses from you. That's one reason they're so popular with surfers. 

    They also feature APX technology, which makes them great for sports like baseball, where you might get hit in the face. They're made for safety, and many styles can be made to your prescription. Just one more reason they're a popular choice among motocross and motorcycle riders. 

    Arnette sunglasses are only made from the highest quality materials. The lenses are made of polarized polycarbonate, which is very lightweight. But they also have great UV protection, which you'll need if you're snowboarding or surfing. But hey, Arnettes are great for less extreme sports too, like a day on the lake fishing. And if you're not that athletic but just want a pair because they look cool, hey, we won't tell anyone. 

    The Arnette "Agent" is a cool, slightly extreme version of the classic Wayfarer shape, and you can get them in classic black and exciting frame colors like orange and yellow. The "Heavenly" model has a descriptive name. These are lovely, feminine shades that look great while kicking some UV butt and staying on while you bust a move on your surfboard or wakeboard. The Mystique is another gorgeous women's style that comes in some luscious frame colors like soft pink and bright white. "Psycho," "Rage," and "Tantrum" are some of the more bad-to-the-bone styles that Arnette offers. 

    Arnette makes a wide range of high performance sunglasses for men and women, in a variety of colors you can choose for frames and lenses. And they come with a cool case, too so they can travel in style when you don't need them. And if that weren't enough, they're quite affordable for sunglasses that offer so much in the way of style and performance.

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