Burberry Sunglasses

    If you have a classic Burberry trench coat you know how great it is that you can put it on over anything and look classically stylish, so why should you expect anything less from Burberry sunglasses? 

    Burberry was founded way back in 1856 by a draper's apprentice named Thomas Burberry, who opened a shop selling waterproof overcoats in Hampshire. He quickly made a name for high quality garments, because Burberry appreciated the best materials and knew that aesthetics without quality wasn't much. So he combined the two and the brand has done so ever since.

    You can even find the world famous black, tan, and red Burberry Check on the side pieces of some of the sunglasses, and you can be sure that they are made with every bit as much care as Burberry's other products. Sunglasses are one of the latest additions to the Burberry line of products, and like most other Burberry accessories, from handbags to perfume, they are classic enough to look perfect in almost any situation. They're mostly done in neutral shades, like lovely butterscotch-y ambers, browns, and greys, but you can also find them in gorgeous deep reds as well as in some distinctly modern shapes.

    One of those soon-to-be modern classics is the BE3038, which comes in a brown on brown combo or a matte azure frame with gray gradient lenses. These are stylish and modern enough to make any Italian designer wish they had thought of them first, and to make any man look perfectly polished, with great individual style. For a more classic look, the BE3028 is perfect. In fact, they'd make a good gift for the man in your life who wants a classically styled pair of sunglasses that he can wear everywhere for years to come.

    For the ladies, sunglasses don't get anymore feminine than the BE4002. In a range of gorgeous colors, this simple oversized style is guaranteed to look perfect whether you're at a casual cook-out or at a dressy outdoor summer wedding. The BE4050 is for the woman who knows style and whose style is not always what you would expect. It's both futuristic and retro looking, and comes in several colors, including a stunning black-to-brown gradient.

    If you think that Burberry only means "safe" designs that the fashion-forward would pass up, then think again. They're always beautifully styled, but they're not always what you'd expect from a British label that first became famous for rain gear. The BE4040 in tortoiseshell frames with Swarovski crystals on the temples are downright glamorous, and the BE3009 could easily be mistaken for one of the more assertive Italian styles, like Versace, Bvlgari, or Prada with their wraparound, mono-lens design.

    As if any more proof of the fashion relevance of Burberry were needed, they're commonly spotted on famous people like Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson. We have an absolutely huge selection of Burberry styles at prices you can't beat, so check them out. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the range of styles Burberry makes.