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    Bvlgari Sunglasses: The Finer Things in Life
    Started in Rome, Italy in 1884, Bvlgari, spelled in traditional Roman letters draws its influences from Greek and Roman history. The design house has been known for its devotion to unashamed luxury, making glorious ladies' sunglasses adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals, always with one of the Bvlgari logos on the temple. Wearing Bvlgari sunglasses shows the world that you're stylish, and you are willing to invest in luxury. Seen on celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Mariah Carey, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Winslet, these classy shades come in styles both understated and unabashed.

    Of the former, the Bvlgari 6023 stands out for their quiet statement of style. In a mono lens design with the "hook" logo built into the side pieces, they're tinted with a wash of color to flatter any complexion. The Bvlgari 6012s are modified aviator shaped sunglasses, also done in gradient washes of tint. The 6030 is a mono lens design similar to the 6023, but with a different logo and side piece design.

    Want to stand out from the herd? The Bvlgari 8008 is a take on the classic oversized movie star sunglasses with a dark tortoise polycarbonate frame and gray lenses with the Bvlgari concentric circles logo in gold on each side piece. These are the kind of designer sunglasses that will get you noticed. The same is true of the 8012, with side pieces generously adorned with crystals.

    The Bvlgari 8032B "Fireworks" design is another standout luxury style that features a sunburst pattern of crystals on the side pieces that start out wide and taper toward the back. This is a wraparound style that wraps your face in high style with blue-gray gradient lenses. Generally speaking people who don't want to be noticed don't flock to Bvlgari, a brand known for its literally "in your face" proclamation of luxury.

    The label Bvlgari is known worldwide for its jewelry, handbags, accessories, fragrances, and even for its luxury hotels, found in world capitals like Dubai. If you're not afraid to go after the finer things in life, and not afraid to show it, then Bvlgari sunglasses probably has a style that will suit you quite well. They're only made from the highest quality materials, and it shows. Worn by the likes of Madonna, Bono, and David Beckham (before his wife started designing sunglasses), these well-heeled status symbols are recongnized everywhere by those knowledgeable about the best of European luxury.

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