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Chloe Sunglasses: Not Your Typical Designer Sunglasses
Chloe sunglasses are seen on celebrities like Eva Mendez, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Garner. These generally oversized sunglasses take a number of eyewear shapes, like the aviator shape and the Wayfarer shape, and put a uniquely French twist to them. Chloe women's sunglasses are very feminine, in shades of pink, ivory, plum, and mink. They're perfect for any summer wardrobe.

Chloe's 2189 is the quintessential feminine oversized frame in classic colors of black or mink, and lenses in gradient gray or gradient brown. Something about Chloe's designs takes them above and beyond typical designer sunglasses. It's as if they're not afraid to be as pretty and womanly as possible. The 2119 Myrte design looks very similar, but doesn't quite hug the wearer's face like the 2189 does. Chances are, one or the other of these great styles will fit perfectly and look beautiful.

Another popular design is the Tilia, a hybrid of the Wayfarer shape and a cat-eye shape. It could also be described as an ever-so-slightly more cat-eye version of the Ray Ban "Cats" design - a little trendier, and a little funkier. Another new shape is the Chloe Litchi, square frames with the side pieces at the top like the Wayfarer, but in a modified shape that places more emphasis on the beautiful frames themselves, which can be had in black, seashell (a lovely, warm brown), and tortoise, all with gradient lenses. You could easily imagine the late Audrey Hepburn wearing these on her way to viewing a fashion collection from her favorite designer, Givenchy.

The 2186 is a modern, fashion-forward style that gives a nod to the Chloe's fellow European masters of design like Giorgio Armani and Miuccia Prada. It comes in several original frame colors that you won't find elsewhere. For those ladies interested in the classic oversized square sunglasses, the 2173 fits the bill perfectly, and you can get it in gorgeous frame colors like beige horn with brown gradient lenses for a fresh summer look.

The other day I found the results of an interesting psychological study by researchers from Harvard and Duke showing that wearing counterfeit designer sunglasses made wearers more likely to "cheat" in other areas, too, like taking pay from an "honor system" box after performing a complex task. I only mention it because the real sunglasses that were handed out were all made by Chloe - showing just how well this line epitomizes the glamour of designer sunglasses. So the moral of the story is that Chloe sunglasses will not only make you beautiful, they'll keep you honest!

From sophisticated to avant garde to classic, Chloe has it covered with attention to detail and color that the French do so well. And we have them all at terrific prices, so you don't have to be tempted by counterfeits!