Derek Jeter Sunglasses

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    Baseball is something which gets us all excited and we gear up to watch our favorite players make their moves. Even more loved are the players who define the game and make it what it is. Derek Jeter is definitely a huge favorite of most of us. His looks, his game, his baseball skills and of course his style, get us all overwhelmed. Are you wondering what sunglasses Derek Jeter wears? The answer is finally out. Yes! You guessed it right-it is indeed the Oakley Radar Pitch Straight Stem in Black!
    The Oakley sunglasses are a huge favorite among most of the baseball players and we see many players flaunting their chosen models on the field. These glasses are built to provide comfort, durability, flexibility and of course a statement in its own. They are available in an assortment of shades. Black is what Derek Jeter seems to be sporting most times on the field. However, there are other shades available too which are more vibrant and come across and funky and fun, which is somewhat different from the usual black sophisticated sunglasses.
    These sunglasses are non-polarized and come with a width of 70mm. they are designed specifically to block out or resist the harmful UV rays and the lens is coated accordingly to suit this purpose. The frame is made of plastic which makes it lightweight and comfortable and also easy to manage on the field in the midst of a game. That is one of the reasons why Jeter and other players decide to sport this particular model of sunglasses. Apart from its undying comfort, quality and built, it is also very modern and sophisticated in its look and comes across as a stark definition of the players personal style and preferences. It is a style statement in its own!