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    Dragon Sunglasses
    In Eastern mythology, the Dragon represents control of the watery elements of the universe. So it's fitting that Dragon sunglasses are a favorite of surfers. Skaters like this brand too, and though they're stylish and original, it's the function of these shades that makes them so popular. Dragon makes their sunglasses with a certain customer in mind: he's tough, and he likes to pit himself against forces of nature such as big waves (surfing) and gravity (skating).

    Dragon sunglasses are designed to block 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays, and they block blue rays, too, giving you excellent vision in changing outdoor light conditions. Anti-distortion technology gives you the best vision performance possible when it's your own performance that you want to concentrate on. Made with lightweight high grade super-polymer nylon frames and polarized polycarbonate lenses, they offer extreme, shatterproof comfort. Dragon shades are flexible, strong, and almost weightless.

    The Brigade is a great looking frame that you can get in Jet Black or Purple Streak. The 5-barrel hinges are comfortable and durable, and the temples have the Dragon logo. This is a large rectangular frame that does the job and looks great when you're ready to shred. It's also a good look for guys who tend to be casual and laid-back.

    The Calavera is s similar style with wider side pieces and more choices in terms of frame and lens colors. The "Tiger Tortoise" frame is particularly striking without being too far "out there." It has polarized bronze lenses that work great on the beach, on the water, or when you're just taking it easy. It also comes in more traditional black / gray color combos. If you like the Brigade but it doesn't quite fit right, give the Calavera a try.

    Domo is a popular, futuristic style with wide side pieces and a white detail in the middle of the upper nose bridge. Not only does this style stand out in an, "Oh that is SO cool" way, they are tops for protecting your eyes from UV damage, all while giving you the best optical clarity possible.

    If you're a guy who likes to have fun, then you'll like the Wormser, which looks like the love child of the Ray Ban Wayfarer Outsider and the Diesel DS0 168. Not only can you get them in the more conventional Tortoise or Jet frames, but also in colors that proclaim that summer is here, like Red, Blue Neon, Tang (a tangerine orange) and Teal with Melon side pieces.

    The great thing about Dragon sunglasses is that they put performance first. Once they have that squared away, you're free to go as traditional or wild with your frame styles as you dare. Good vision comes first, but great style is a close second.

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