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George Clooney Sunglasses

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The three time Golden Globe winner, George Clooney is an epitome of suave and cool looks. Be it in Oceans series or in The Descendants, Clooney has always had a different outlook to his personality. That handsome face, coupled with his gray hair and stylish eye wear is always the centre of attraction. He is often spotted sporting his cool Persols, be it the aviators or the designer cateyes. He also carries his army green wayfarers giving him a cool and classy look. However, his most popular brand of eyewear is Persol. This Italian made luxury eyewear brand boasts of an exclusive quality and design heritage. It has got an impressive and rich Hollywood history and is an evergreen icon for elegance. These sunglasses compliment Clooney's demeanor and adds to his distinguished looks. They can be customized to ensure the best fit and provide you with adequate comfort.
The frames are handmade and get their stunning quality as a result of exquisite Italian craftsmanship. Their icon of the arrow is inspired from the swords of Roman Gladiators. In the movie The American, Clooney is seen sporting the Havana colored sunglasses. A range of sunglasses from plastic frames to metal aviators are available. Often known as the sexiest man alive, Clooney's choice of eyewear is no surprise. With polarized lenses and an internal anti-glare treatment, these sunglasses not only ensure protection to your eyes, but also give you that sharp and formal look.
The Crystal lenses are one of the prominent factors of this eyewear. Quality and excellence goes hand in hand when it comes to Persol. Made from one of the finest optical material, they guarantee protection and visual clarity. These lenses are scientifically integrated with advanced technology to ensure that the eyes are well shielded from harmful rays emitted from the sun. Even in extreme conditions of nature, the vision is not compromised.
Clooney's sexy look in Oceans 13 is well complemented by these glasses. He is synonymous to both fame and fortune and a lot of girls line up to get a glimpse of this ravishing man. The sunglasses go well with any clothing and you need not worry about the looks. Be it a formal gray suit or a pair of relaxed beach shorts, they will deliver and enhance the wearers personality. These glasses also offer a retro look and are very comfortable to wear. When it comes to style, Clooney is the man and his shades are just making a statement when he is out there doing his job. Be it meeting President Obama, or planning to rob a casino on his movie, style and comfort are two things Persols are unprecedented.
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