Gisele Bundchen Sunglasses

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    When it comes to fashion and a keen sense of style, Gisele Caroline Bundchen is clearly one of the most inspiring figures. Given her tall and elegant frame, her beautiful golden locks and a perfect bronze skin, she's definitely blessed by the gods from above. Although, a lot of people do not have her model physique, there is a lot you can learn from the way she dresses and carries herself while not facing the cameras. You have often seen images on the web and also on television of Gisele sporting gorgeous and stylish shades; but you may not know which brand she chooses to wear. One of the most common dilemmas you may face is when you reach for those sunglasses. You may not know which one to pick; which one would go with your attire; the color-black or brown? Naturally, if you on a pair of Aviators, you need not worry. Gisele is often spotted with classic Aviator shades or with the gold Hagen (Mosley Tribes) shades. This design just works with any outfit you have put on. Remember the saying: When in doubt always wear a classic!
    The Mosley Tribes-Hagen collection is a gold aviator pair of glasses. They give you a right out there on the streets look; they are lightweight and of medium size. Both sexes can wear them and they seem just right. If you are heading home from your daily workout or yoga, you can try the dark oval sunglasses. Gisele is often seen wearing these Oval Sunglasses post workout sessions or on her casual outings. Add to this collection the classic Ray Ban wayfarer shades. These sunglasses are really cool and are worn by a lot of Hollywood artists, musicians, and celebrities. It is the most recognizable pair of shades in the planet and the classic version comes with a sleek black frame and green lenses.
    Among the other popular brands of sunglasses worn by Gisele include Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana. The Tom Ford sunglasses are really cool and they also offer UV protection to your eyes. They come with adjustable nose pads and plastic temple tips. This just adds to your comfort levels. The frame can be of plastic or of metal; the lenses are plastic made. This is a metal aviator with T-detailing on the temples. Tom Brady's wife was also seen sporting a DG 6016. This is scratch proof and has UV/UVB resistant lenses. It has a saddle nose bridge and the temples comprise of adjustable core for better comfort. Although they are simple and rectangular in shape but they do display a level of sophistication.

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