Jessica Alba Sunglasses

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    Like most Hollywood celebrities, Jessica Alba loves her sunglasses. She is mostly seen with Round, Rectangular, Cat-eye, Wayfarer and Aviator type sunglasses. When she ties her hair back the Ray Ban Wayfarer, it gives her a neat look. She also uses large size sunglasses when her hair is tied up. Here are some more shades she is seen wearing with her hair tied up.
    The Butterfly style from Prada gives her a cute look. The Diva styles from Chloe matches her celebrity status. The large all plastic type from Dior, definitely gives her the posh look. Add to that collection the Versace 4114 and the Dolce & Gabbana with a little window in the corners. Most of them are either fully shaded or have semi shading on the top half. This is probably an attempt at not letting the prying paparazzi know where she is looking. J Alba is often found to wear the metal framed Ray Ban Aviators for a cool and casual look on a sunny day. She seems to use more aviator style sunglasses when her hair is left open. The Diesel Aviators are popularized by her.
    She is seen trying out new shades all the time. The Vogue she wears with a hat on and a stole around her neck gives her a stylish look. The Oliver Peoples having the Wayfarer style is something she is seen going back to more than once. Large sized sunglasses look better on her than compact ones. She seems to be aware of this, because we get to see her often in large shades; in fact she doesn't mind covering her eyebrows. There are times though when she wears thin metal framed, sleek looking, Aviators from Marc Jacobs. When she wears those, one can also notice her eyebrow has been done up and the shades match.
    In line with her passion for large sized sunglasses, she is also spotted sporting a Tom Ford's Miranda. Jessica wore this with her hair left open, a portion of her hair fringed in the front covering her eyebrow and over. While the hair overlaps with the glasses, the frame with a unique design resembling a loop gives a mysterious look to her. Jessica Alba quite nicely walks the tightrope between comfort and glamour. When she wants to show her glamorous side, she switches to Prada and Vogue. She apparently likes the Prada glasses for their glamorous shape. It almost seems like she and her Prada glasses are one and the same.
    Whatever Jessica wears is very well chosen and she makes sure she looks good in them. For instance she wears a simple black and white outfit and complements that with a Vogue Cat-eyed style glasses. You cannot call it a coincidence that it has cat like stripes on it. Jessica manages to make sure she selects the right sunglasses for her outfits.