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Despite being a part of the most elite family of the country, Kate Middleton has always personified a breezy, casual style statement. Have a quick glance at her couture over the past years that she has sported, be at Wimbledon, at royal events, at military functions or while she was out for a quick stroll. Down to her sunglasses, she has always displayed a knack for matching the best eye wear to suit her face, clothes and the occasion perfectly.
Comfort seems to be the keyword for Kate. The one thing in common in all her attires is elegant comfort and a predilection for soft muted colors. She has also sported two popular pairs of sunglasses quite often. One is the Ray Ban Wayfarer pair of sunglasses in turquoise that can be folded. She has been spotted sporting this pair at many events, including a polo match and in casual sailing expeditions. She prefers this large, resin framed pair with UV protection for many outdoor events. These sunglasses have been worn with summer dresses and with casual jeans and t-shirts as well, with equal grace by Kate.
The stylish, slightly narrower pair of Givenchy sunglass has been sported at Wimbledon. This is a full-rimmed pair that can also be made available with a prescription. Kate sports a pair in black as well as amber tints and these sunglasses suit her narrow face frame very well. Both Kate and her sister have been known to be quite fond their sunglasses and together own a good collection of sunglasses. They in fact sport them quite often as they, like many others are aware, how important the glasses are to prevent the quick ageing of skin around the eyes and its protection from harsh sunlight.
Kate has a lean figure that compliments dresses, gowns and the casual jeans and t-shirt look with equal grace. Kate prefers wearing heels on most occasions with narrow pumps the usual choice, color co-ordinated with her outfit and other accessories such as a handbag and the stylish hats she has been flaunting in many events. Kate has not hesitated to wear different styles of sunglasses. They have been the slightly boxy ones, the narrow ones, the oval ones, some sunglasses with some detailed work on the handle (not much, just a teeny-tiny bit). Colors have also been varied in her selection as she has experimented with tortoise sunglasses, pitch black ones, grey tinted ones and much more. The handles however have remained quite similar throughout thick ones in dark colors.
With well-matched sunglasses that suit her classically beautiful face, well-cut dresses, matched pumps or heels, clutches, stylish hats and carefully selected jewelry, Kate has managed to carry many styles with ease and has won the hearts of many fashion followers all over the world.