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As lovers of trends, we are all fascinated by the many television and big screen personalities who flaunt various styles in every aspect of their dressing. Kris Jenner, an absolute style icon, is one celebrity who makes heads turn with her impeccable style. Her sunglasses are a huge hit and almost everyone tries to decode it to imitate her style. The well-kept secret is that she wears a classic style aviator, the Carrera Porsche Design 5621-90. The most unique feature about these sunglasses is its support of interchangeable lenses. The frame has been given a matte effect and is black in color and the interchangeable lenses support two colors, grey and brown lenses. One can effortlessly switch between these two available color lenses. It is one of the most sought-after models of sunglasses.

Kris Jenner carries these sunglasses with utmost confidence and lan and it speaks volumes about her personal style and fashion quotient. The frame measures about 5.675 in total and the lenses measure up to 2.75. The shiny black lenses work great with every outfit and can be sported for a chic and trendy look for all occasions. These sunglasses are lightweight and very comfortable when worn and irrespective of its low weight, it is still undoubtedly a very sturdy and reliable product. This vintage aviator is made out of a plastic called optyl, which would have been very heavy if it were designed in glass. This aspect allows it to be light to carry around and flaunt. The large lenses frame the face greatly and allows one to come across as stylish and speaks volumes of their eye for detailing, intricacy and of course perfection.

This model and other similar models of sunglasses from this bland belongs to the stylish vintage collection which is mostly featured by all the hot shot celebrities as it is absolutely perfect in appearance and comfortable in usage. They are mostly supplied from the estates of Atlanta and are more or less restricted to the vintage shops alone that specialize in providing stylish fashion accessories. If you are keen on sporting a similar look, then these glasses are an absolute must for your collection as they not only frame the face and make it look more contoured, but also allow you to take fashion and style to a different level.