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Persol Sunglasses

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Persol Sunglasses for Comfort, Protection and Optimum Vision
Persol sunglasses are more legendary than mere fashion. They've graced the faces of stars like Daniel Craig, Alexander Skarsgard, and Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. Marcello Mastroianni wore them in nearly every scene in La Dolce Vita. But do you know who originally turned the world on to this marvelous crafter of eyewear? It was the incomparable Steve McQueen in 1968's The Thomas Crown Affair.

Persol shades were originally developed for race car drivers and pilots. If you think of pure American style in sunglasses, then Ray Ban will probably spring to mind first. They're the Golden Retriever of sunglasses: beautiful, unpretentious, and beloved by everyone. Well, Persol shades could be thought of as the Abruzzese Mastiff: no more or less beautiful or beloved, but distinctly European.

Why are Persol sunglasses so remarkable?
In Italian, their name is as functional as the American "Ray Ban." Persol is a contraction of "per il sole," meaning "for the sun." Persols have crystal lenses, each of which is processed and tested individually with a lens analyzer. The lenses that don't meet specs are destroyed so that they will not wind up in a lower quality product than Persol is willing to stand behind. Persol lenses are guaranteed to be free of optical and chromatic defects, and they provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB. The brownish tint of many of the lenses is designed so that colors remain unchanged regardless of weather.

The Persol PO 714 is the Italian version of the preppy look, with a slightly keyhole shaped bridge and classic shape of a rounded-off Wayfarer. With 52 mm lenses, this style works on men or women. The Persol PO 2288S is Persol's take on the aviator shape, and one of the lens choices is a photochromatic Gray Gradient Crystal that is looking like a very trend-forward style for 2010.

But maybe you want to look as hot as Steve McQueen did in The Thomas Crowne Affair. Well, sorry, but that would be impossible ;) You can, however, get pretty darn close with the PO 2747S in Dark Bordeaux with Crystal Green lenses. The PO 2720S is a similar style, but it has more of a wraparound shape that may be more flattering on some faces.

If metal frames are more your style, then the PO 2340S would be a great choice. It's a slightly more rectangular aviator shape that looks great on men with angular faces. The PO 2328S is a slightly exaggerated aviator shape that not everyone can wear, but those who can? Well, if they're in Italy, they're likely to hear young women smiling and saying to each other something along the lines of "sto ragazzo proprio figo!" ("That guy is awesomely cool!")

Persol is a brand that, like its American counterpart, Ray Ban, started out designed for function, but ended up making style history.