Porsche Design

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Porsche design leads in creating timeless pieces that stand for innovation, quality, and unique eyewear. Embracing everything about the iconic brand, Porshe eyewear focuses on using titanium, which is the epitome of outstanding stability, and lightweight performance.
Porsche Design FAQ
What is Porsche Design?
Porsche Design is a luxury lifestyle brand that originated from the legendary German automaker, Porsche. Founded in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the grandson of the Porsche founder, Porsche Design offers a range of premium products beyond automobiles.
Who owns Porsche Design?
Porsche SE
Where are Porsche Design glasses made?
Porsche Design glasses are primarily made in Italy. The brand partners with renowned Italian manufacturers that specialize in producing high-quality eyewear.
Is Porsche Design owned by Porsche?
Yes, Porsche Design glasses are owned by Porsche SE, the German automobile manufacturer.
Are Porsche Design expensive?
At ShadesDaddy, Porsche Design frames are always on sale!