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Ralph Lauren Sunglasses for Women and Men
Ralph Lauren in 2007 renewed his contract to run Polo Ralph Lauren, his design empire, until 2013. And lovers of great design everywhere sighed with relief. Lauren is the champion for classic American styles, and not just any American style, but a certain "je ne sais quoi" that you don't find with other American brands. And he has certainly been successful at it with show flagship stores in Moscow, Tokyo, and Milan in recent years.

Ralph Lauren once remarked that "I'm not designing clothes, I'm creating a world." Indeed, that world is scripted on the idea of classiness, and Lauren is the best at provoking us to elevate our vision and see the beauty in classic "old money" Americana. And Lauren's dream world is real, as in he really does play croquet and have cocktails before dinner and have portraits of ancestors up on the walls of his amazing houses. Us mere mortals can experience a taste of that by visiting one of his flagship stores, which are tourist destinations in themselves.

All this started in the 1940s in the Bronx, where Ralph Lifschitz, son of Ashkenazi Jews, was growing up in a small apartment, and being inspired by the people he saw that had classy clothing. Today his brand is one of the most recognizable in the world. In the past ten years or so, Lauren has been buying back a lot of the 350 licenses under which his products were made to consolidate the brand, in which he has controlling interest. The result is clothing and accessories that subtly radiate classic charm, and that in many cases are surprisingly affordable.

Ralph Lauren sunglasses are no exception. They epitomize the best of American culture and come in an array of flattering styles for both men and women.

For women, the RA5029 is a classic softened rectangular frame that comes in many classic frame and lens combinations, including classic tortoise shell and unexpected clear frames. Rounder frames are becoming more popular in the world of big oversized sunglasses, and Ralph Lauren has some great looks in rounded women's frames. The RA5030 is a round frame for women that would complement a square face shape nicely. And if it's classic movie star sunglasses you fancy, then look no further than the 5040 - large square frames in color combos to suit any wardrobe.

But Lauren certainly doesn't forget about the guys. Sporty single-lens styles and lots of variations on the classic aviator shape are available, suitable for any man's look, from casual to dressy. The classic 4004 is a modified aviator that you can get with timeless gold frames that have tortoise side pieces. The lenses are available in colors like gradient brown that go with everything. The 4060 is another modified aviator with frames only on top (in a handsome, deep plum color) with gray gradient lenses. They're neutral without being boring in the least.

Ralph Lauren is about everything that is great in American style, and with these great prices, you can easily incorporate some of that style into your wardrobe.