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    Ray Ban Casual Lifestyle Sunglasses
    Ray Ban is famous for their flagship lines, the Wayfarer and the Aviator, but they have several other style lines, too, including the Casual Lifestyle line. Casual Lifestyle is just the right name for these, too. Some of them are modified aviator designs, and in general they are more sporty and slightly more wraparound than Wayfarers or Aviators. Included are some rimless styles and a number with frames on top only. There are a few plastic rimmed styles that hint at the oversized "Hollywood" shades, but which are sleek and classic enough to be in style perpetually. The prices are far more reasonable than those for other designer sunglasses too, and you simply can't beat Ray Bans for quality and optical clarity. They're made in Italy by Luxottica, which is as good as it gets. One of the more glamorous designs in this line is the RB 4118 601/58. This is a classic style that you can easily imagine on someone like Grace Kelly. The frames are shiny black, and the lenses (which can be customized with a prescription) are green and polarized for superb vision and blockage of glare.

    A somewhat smaller, but still totally classic styles is the RB 4107 601/58, with a rectangular frame in shiny black. These have green crystal polarized lenses and are classic enough to go with just about any outfit. While they are probably just as versatile as Wayfarers, people's first thoughts won't be, "Oh, those are Wayfarers," so it's a little easier to go incognito. But you'll still look great. The Flight Pande Polarized Sunglasses RB 3176 014-47 is a very sporty shape with a slight wraparound curve to it. These sharp-looking shades have brown frames and brown GPL lenses and would make a great alternative to many of the similar Nike sport designs.

    One very flattering style is the RB 8304 002/9A, a rimless style with classic polarized green lenses. Not only is the shape almost universally flattering, it looks classy at the beach, on the commute, or walking down to the corner coffee shop. It's yet another Ray Ban style that will look good forever.

    If you want a great looking pair of shades, but aren't keen on going full-on Aviator, then the RB3273 004/58 would be a great choice. The frames are a rounded off rectangle that echos the Aviator shape, but is clearly different. You'll get fantastic vision with the crystal green polarized lenses and look sharp in gunmetal frames. These are great for the person who is a little off the beaten path, but who still appreciates classic and classy design.

    Ray Ban Casual Lifestyle sunglasses are just as classic as other Ray Ban designs, but they let a little more of your personal style come through.

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