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    Back to the Future with Ray Ban Cats
    Believe it or not, there were some good things about the fashions of the 1980s, and some of the non-heinous trends from that time are starting to show up again in retro-influenced fashions. Big sunglasses were very 80s, as were pop-art colors, androgynous styles, and a lot of other styles that were designed to make the braver people out there stand out from the crowd, whether with exaggerated silhouettes, in-your-face color combinations, or touches of incongruous opulence - remember satin baseball jackets?

    If you're interested in bringing some of the best parts of the 80s into your current look, then Ray Ban Cats is a line of sunglasses that you should definitely check out when it's time to accessorize. While Ray Ban is the master of understated style and luxury, the Cats line shows that they know how to have fun while still manufacturing top quality optical wear.

    How about a pair of Cats 5000 RB4125 738-3E sunglasses in dark lilac frames with crystal pink mirror silver frames. These would look great on the beach or on the ski slopes, with their modified aviator shape.

    The Ray Ban Cats 1000 RB 4126 601/32 in black frames with crystal grey gradient lenses are retro chic and definitely sexy. The side pieces at the tops of the frames references both the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer and the styles popular in the 1980s. If you don't want to restrict yourself to a "goes-with-everything" color scheme, these come in lots of amazing colors like orange, fuchsia, baby pink, and bright yellow.

    For guys, the Cats 4000 Polarized Sunglasses RB4128 710/57 in light Havana frames and crystal brown polarized lenses are re-issues of 1980s models, with strong, masculine lines and the double bridge - a real 80s touch. You can get them in black and burgundy frames, too, as well as in two-tone styles like red / black and white / black.

    Also for men, the RB4129 601/8G in black frames with gray gradient lenses are a very bold look, for the guy who isn't afraid to stand out for his style. They'll make you think of Italian sports cars, insanely expensive watches, cleaning up at the roulette wheel, and pretty women tripping over themselves to say "hello" to you. Not for the shy, this style may have been overexposed in the 80s, but it's time to show the 80s how style is really done.

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