Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

    About Ray-Ban Clubmaster
    One of the best things Ray Ban has going for it is an appeal that is timeless enough that one or another of its styles are always getting rediscovered by a new generation of stylish folks. The Ray Ban Clubmaster is an example of that. This style goes way back. In fact, if you picked up 10 random vacation snapshots on beaches from the 1960s, probably 5 of them would have someone wearing a pair of Clubmasters in them.

    A whole demographic sliver sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Generation X grew up thinking of Clubmasters as "Dad on Vacation Sunglasses," and then lo and behold, the late 1980s hit, and they discovered them for themselves. Well, it's happened again, because the style is on fire right now, trendwise.

    Clubmasters are the kind of sunglasses that give you a look. Not everyone has the attitude necessary to pull off this look, but on those who can, they're wicked awesome. (Malcolm X wore a similar style in his regular eyeglasses.) It's a simple design with a very retro look that goes a step beyond the Wayfarer. There's the horned peaks, the wire running under the lens, and the unique metal nose piece, all of which combine to give a style statement that's greater than the sum of its parts.

    And of course, since they're made by Ray Ban, they're made of the highest quality materials to provide optimum viewing clarity and to last pretty much forever. In fact, anyone who has written a will and who owns a pair of Clubmasters better be pretty specific about what's to become of them once their owner is no longer around. A fight over something this awesome could get ugly.

    Seriously, have you seen how great some of the celebs who wear these look? Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Rachel Bilson, and Beyonce all totally rock the Clubmasters. Being good looking helps, but you gotta have the attitude too, ready to stare down anyone who dares question your superior sense of style.

    As of late, the Ray Ban Clubmaster collection continues to come out with new colors and now offers frames with polarized lenses. The most popular of the Clubmaster collection is the RB3016 model, which is a best seller at ShadesDaddy.com.

    Ray Ban Clubmasters: the 21st century fashion credential that sets you apart from the rest.

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