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Stepping Into Style With Ray Ban Icons
Ray Ban Icons are just that: the legacy models from the past seven decades. These are the originals, the ones that made Ray Ban synonymous with sunglasses.

The first of the Ray Ban Icons was, of course, the Aviator. Designed for pilots way back in the 1930s, the style is so basic to so many great looks that it's the Levis blue jeans of the sunglasses world. To say that they've been a hit with fashion models, actors, and other style makers would be a real understatement. A Google image search on "celebrities in sunglasses" reveals plenty of A-listers wearing classic Ray Ban Aviators. And many of the ones who are not are wearing styles by other designers (like the awesome Tom Ford) that are based on the Aviator. The reason stars love this style is obvious: they look great. The Aviator is flattering to most faces, and they come in several sizes so that anyone can find a pair of real Ray Bans that fits perfectly.

The other icon that everyone thinks of when they think of Ray Bans is the Wayfarer, which some believe to be the most popular style of sunglasses in history. They became classics in the 1950s and 60s as stars as diverse as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean wore them and looked great in them. The thick plastic frame single-handedly brought plastic frames to the forefront, and the original black on black style, of course, went with everything. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Check. Bob Dylan changing the world of music? Check. Jack Nicholson? Tom Cruise? Katy Perry? Check, check, and check.

Can you name any other style of sunglasses that transcends style as well as the Wayfarer? The only other possible contender is the Ray Ban Aviator. Here in the 21st century, the Wayfarer is branching out and having some fun. While the black on black will always be tops, you can now get Wayfarers in a variety of primary colors, candy pastels, and classics like tortoiseshell with numerous choices in lens colors. It's no wonder that stars like Rihanna and Kate Moss, who have extensive sunglasses wardrobes, count Wayfarers as among their favorites.

The Ray Ban Icon collection is a showcase of some of the most successful styles in sunglasses from the last 70 years. Do you know of any other brand that can say that their styles go back that far? Ray Ban has left its mark on the worlds of fashion, television, movies, and most importantly, real life. They do this because not only are their styles great looking, you won't find better eye protection from the sun. Sure, it can be fun to buy a pair or two of unusual sunglasses to make things interesting. But mark our words, a pair of Ray Ban Aviators or Wayfarers is a style investment that lasts enough years that the cost per wear drops to nearly nothing. Unless they meet with an unfortunate accident, your Ray Bans will serve you well indefinitely.