Ray Ban Jackie Ohh Sunglasses

    Look Confident Wearing Ray Ban Jackie Ohh
    "Jackie Ohh" refers to style maker Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who was known as an icon of "old money" style. With few exceptions, she was always seen with her hair in a shoulder-length flip, beautiful earrings, and outfits with understated luxury. From the classic pearl earrings to the belted trench coat to the sweater-trousers-scarf look she wore as an editor at Viking Press, Jackie looked great. She knew what worked on her and she played with variations on those looks her entire life.

    And of course, she was famous for her over-sized sunglasses, a look that has gone through several incarnations over the decades, but which has for the most part remained a stylish option for women who refuse to follow fads that they know won't work for them. The Ray Ban Jackie Ohh collection is full of this kind of classic, classy style. There are a few basic shapes, mostly rectangular and "butterfly" shapes, and they're done in countless iterations of color and lens style, so you can get something classic, like black or Havana frames with gray or brown lenses, or you can splash out with gorgeous red frames that are perfect for your 4th of July picnic by the water.

    Jackie had a squarish face, so she mostly wore frames that were slightly butterfly shaped so as not to echo the shape of her jaw in the shape of her sunglasses. But there are pictures of her wearing frankly rectangular or nearly-square frames, and by golly if they didn't look great on her too! The secret ingredient is confidence. Can you imagine a style icon like Jackie Kennedy Onassis or Audrey Hepburn playing along with the kind of shape-shifting reinvention that goes on today? Sure, cosmetic surgeons would probably loved to have got hold of either of their faces and meddled with them, and it would have been a shame because being an individual and being comfortable in your own skin is sexier and more beautiful than anything that can be achieved with a scalpel.

    If you look back at photographs of Jackie, or Audrey, or Coco Chanel, Dorothy Dandridge, Naomi Campbell, or Jane Birkin, for that matter, they look great in 99% of their photos (Everyone is allowed the occasional fashion mistake.) because they know what worked for them and did the absolute most with it. So if you're interested in the slightly preppy old money style that speaks of equestrian expertise, dressing for dinner, and looking great in a classic belted trench coat and boots, then check out the Ray Ban Jackie Ohh collection, and you're sure to be inspired to make the most of your own great look.