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    Why Kids Love Ray Ban Junior Sunglasses There are so many great things about Ray Ban sunglasses that it's hard to know where to begin. But one unique thing about Ray Ban is that they make this amazing line of Junior sunglasses. Okay, they're made for kids (really, really lucky kids), but they're perfect for the petite of face who find that most adult-sized sunglasses make them look totally bug-eyed. And not to fear: they're Ray Bans, so they're made to the highest standards and protect your eyes like no others.

    There is a choice of Aviators and Wayfarers, plus many other styles. If you're jealous of your larger-faced friends who look so hot in their classic black-on-black Wayfarers, then envy no more, because you can get them in a junior size. The same is true of the classic Aviator in silver frames with gray-green lenses that will have your eyes thinking "Aahhhhhhh..." when you put them on.

    The RJ9019 is a slightly wraparound style that is similar to the Ray Ban Casual Lifestyles RB 4026, and the RJ 9039 is a great fashion-forward style reminiscent of the Ray Ban Cats RB 4129. And the 9039 comes in classic Black with gray lenses, but it also comes in luscious pink on pink, blue on blue, and fuchsia-violet with faded violet lenses. If you have a niece going off to summer camp, you can invest $50 in a pair of these sunglasses and lock in your designation as Most Favorite Aunt or Uncle for life.

    The RJ9044 is another great choice for the young fashionista in your life. They are similar to the Jackie Ohh RB 4101 and will have all her friends green with envy over her fabulosity. Face it: not every 9-year-old is enthralled with the infantile eyewear pitched at them from all sides. The Ray Ban Junior line of sunglasses gives the young miss or master a sophisticated, understated look that is every bit as polished as that of the adults in their lives who love their Ray Bans.

    And for adults who happen to have smaller faces, these great Ray Ban styles are godsends. You won't risk looking facially overwhelmed with large sunglasses, nor will you be relegated to the juvenile styles that happen to fit but look (face it) stupid on anyone over 12 or 13. This is a nice offering from Ray Ban and shows just how much they care about their customers. And they're smart, too: get a kid hooked on Aviators or Wayfarers at a young age, and they may well be Ray Ban customers for life!

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