Ray-Ban Parts


    ShadesDaddy.com is currently selling all available parts for Ray-Ban sunglasses. Some of the current most requested parts of the Ray-Ban collection include lenses for the RB3379, RB3342, RB3025 and many others. ShadesDaddy is currently the largest internet retailer of Ray Ban Lenses and Ray Ban Temples. Please call for the part you need for a price and to get it out the door for you as soon as possible. Most Ray-Ban sunglasses parts do come directly form Italy so there is a processing time in order to get the part to your door. Call the number on the banner on top and get a sales representative to help you determine what you need and place the order for you! It's never been easier!
    About Ray Ban Repair: We get asked all the time if we repair Ray-Ban sunglasses. The simple answer is no. We are, however, one, if not the largest internet retailer of Ray-Ban lenses and temples for repair. We order parts directly from Luxottica (the manufacturing company and owner of Ray-Ban,) and pass this service on to the customer. In order to purchase parts from us, you do not need your sunglasses to be under warranty. However, please note, we are not able to get any Ray-Ban parts that were manufactured during the period that they were manufactured by its past owner, Bausch & Lomb. All parts are ordered from Ray-Ban and shipped within a 10 day business period from our Miami office.

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