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Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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About Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is currently the top brand of sunglasses in the world, and it's no mystery why. There are hundreds of different styles from which to choose, and many come in different frame sizes, lenses and colors. You're sure to find a pair of Ray-Bans that will look great with your particular facial shape and features. ShadesDaddy.com has one of the biggest selections of Ray-Ban sunglasses for men and women anywhere in the world. The two largest style categories are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and the Ray-Ban Aviator. Both are among the top selling shades in the world and have been for decades. The Clubmaster and Caravan have also become classics in their own right. ShadesDaddy.com also carries Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses which are very popular with drivers, outdoorsmen, bikers and skiers.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are crafted in Italy to the highest standards of production. They're optically perfect, durable, and they look great.

Ray-Ban had its beginnings in the 1930s when the Aviator model was developed for pilots to cut the glare that could result from flying above the clouds. The Wayfarer was added to the line-up in 1952. This style made it to the big screen in 1961 when the lovely Audrey Hepburn wore a pair in Breakfast at Tiffany's. After that, Hollywood stars weren't the only ones wearing Wayfarers. In the 60s everybody wore them. They rapidly became one of the most (if not the most) popular style of all time.

Every few years it seems a new generation discovers Ray-Ban sunglasses for themselves, as can be easily seen in the pages of any celebrity or fashion magazine. Look up images of celebrities in sunglasses on the Internet and see for yourself how many turn out to be wearing classic Aviators or Wayfarers.

Ray-Ban's history, reputation, and style keep them right at the top of their game. A few years ago Ray-Ban introduced its "Never Hide" ad campaign. That's the Ray-Ban style: understated awesomeness. Other styles may come and go. Designers will occasionally hit on a style that becomes popular with celebrities and fashionistas, but Ray Ban has the style thing licked.

If you're looking for the best pair of sunglasses in terms of long term style potential, great looks, excellent optical quality, and top craftsmanship, Ray-Ban is a great place to start. The real trend setters know where style originates - by being true to your own personal style. Ray-Bans are forever: authentic, bold, stylish, and great looking. Their 2007 ad campaign said it best:


As one blogger said, here in the second decade of the 21st century, Ray-Ban sunglasses have done what skinny jeans have done: they've gone from being fashionable to being a staple of style. But unlike skinny jeans, Ray-Bans will always make your day by fitting perfectly and being flattering no matter what.