Ray-Ban Wayfarers vs. Oakley Frogskins

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    We compared the Ray-Ban Wayfarers vs. Oakley Frogskins on Facebook so the ShadesDaddy fans can chime in on thier opinion - here are what some said: (check out the awesome conversation for yourself HERE.) > Juan Guzman: Similar texture, depends on personality. Both great. > Tyler Marshall: Ray Ban Wayfarers. So much better it doesn't even need an explanation. > Justin Aldrete: I own both the Oakley frogskin (the original ones) and Ray bans.. And I have to say ray bans are far more better. One the material that the ray bans are made with is very been and very strong and sturdy unlike the Oakley frogskins where is feels like its cheap plastic that feels like its going to break... Also the ray bans give far better protection against the sun then the oakleys did.. Overall I think the ray bans are more stylish looking then the oakleys.. The only thing good about the Oakley frogskins is that there cheaper but it's worth paying the extra money for the ray bans just because in my opinion because I own both pairs.. That the ray bans are better because they are stronger and shade my eyes better .. > Alexander Batungbakal: Ray-Ban Wayfarers offer the traditional classic look of elegance and comfort while Oakley Frogskins deliver a modern edge of definition in sportiness. Both serve its purpose to accommodating different lifestyles. > Joe Aguilar: Theres Nothing Better Than The Original Raybans. Raybans Have Been Around So Long Even My Granpa Had Some. Oakley. Just Another Trend That Will Come And Go. Unlike Rayban. Still Here. > Noah Eady: Oakley! Yes they stole raybans frame style but they perfected it and added a hell of a twist in color ways and options! > Zach Edward De Cent: The Ray Ban Wayfarer brings out the class in a man. > Joshua Smith: oakleys are very performance based, and improved upon raybans design. rayban however, started a lasting trend. cant touch the classics. > Alexis Barrera: Frogskins are better they have way more color combinations and are straight up awesome > Collin Crisp: If the person wants to go more retro then the Ray-Bans. If they're more of a hip kid then the Oakley's are a great choice!! > Sean Ofiara: Oakley. Huge in the motocross industry too. > Marc-Andre Maynard: Nothing beats a pair of Oakley's!! I like being able to wear a pair of glasses all day without getting headaches! Oakley's all day!!