Replacement Sunglasses Lens

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We can replace lenses for ALL brands. A great new affordable option to keep the sunglasses you love is now here and we're the largest internet retailer of lenses online! If you're not exactly sure what sunglasses you have or need - please fill out the form below that will take you 15 seconds and let us talk to you. You can also contact us at 877-457-5314
Sunglasses Lens Replacement Program
Fill out the form below to get a quote and instructions on sunglasses lens replacement . One of the largest internet retailers of eyewear in the world. We'll try to get you the original part if not make it for you.
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  • How does the lens replacement program work?
    1. Purchase the lens you wish to purchase in which you'll have options of the color of your choice as well as polarized or non-polarized.
    2. Once you place your order, a parts specialist will get in touch with you via email or phone and also email you the form to insert with your sunglasses to send to us.
    3. You can either send the sunglasses to us or we can email you a shipping label to send your sunglasses to us.
    4. In 1-2 weeks, will return your sunglasses with your new lenses on!