Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE Sunglasses
    Have you ever wondered why you see so many pictures of celebrities in designer sunglasses and they look so serious? Dont you figure youd probably be smiling if you were wearing that pair of Tom Ford sunglasses that give you confidence whether youre behind the wheel or on the sand? Maybe some of those celebs need to learn once again that sunglasses can be downright fun.

    If so, then Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE is one of the best places to start. If you survived the 80s, then you have no desire whatsoever to torment your hair that way ever again, but remember some of the good parts? Like the really cool sunglasses you could get? They looked cool and they were fun.

    But chances are, those real 80s shades were probably cheaply made and didnt do squat to protect your eyes from UV rays. Its OK, however, because Super, by RetroSuperFuture brings you amazingly fun styles updated in 21st century materials. Theyre made in Italy (which is the world capital of high quality sunglasses making), and they feature lenses made by Zeiss, which is the same company that makes lenses for telescopes and interferometers and really expensive cameras. In other words, they know lenses, and youll feel safe trusting your precious eyes to Zeiss lenses.

    Enough about that, though. What about the styles? Many of them are based on the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer shape, but larger, and slightly more simplified. And they come in a candy stores worth of bright colors. Even the most conservative Super frames have eye-catching touches like thin layers of bright color built into them. And when it comes to lenses, the mirror lenses use technology that give them a totally new look that youll love. You can also get non-mirror lenses that go just as well with the awesome frame styles.

    While most of the styles yell out, Hello summer! you can bet that if you put on a pair of these on a ski slope in February, youll not only be doing your eyes a big favor, but youll bring a smile to everyone who sees you as you brighten up the place with your great look.

    Why not have some fun with your sunglasses? Oh, you might not want to wear a bright yellow pair of RetroSuperFuture shades when you meet the CEO for a swanky lunch where there are five forks in the place setting (or then again, you might ...), but these are the kind of statement sunglasses that make the statement that style doesnt have to be limited to serious looks, and that doing things a little different - thinking outside the sunglasses case, so to speak - is something we all need now and then.