JFK Sunglasses


    What sunglasses did John.F Kennedy (JFK) wear? This section of ShadesDaddy.com is dedicated to the style and fashion of eyewear that JFK wore. We're constantly looking to see what he is wearing so we can share with you and you can get the JFK look. We cannot show images due to copyright / legal issues but the following sunglasses displayed below are sunglasses and styles that are seen on JFK through pictures.

    Ready to get the JFK look and style? Browse the styles below! You would usually find him pairing a suit with a pair of Ray Ban wayfarers, JFK knew how to tone down the formality of a suit. President Kennedy was able to lead our country with relaxed confidence which translated into the accessories he would choose to wear. From classic black to the tortoise shell color, JFK knew how to switch it up from time to time. Till this day, many male celebrities will follow in his footsteps and pair a well fitted suit with a pair of Ray- Ban sunglasses to really give their look that GQ vibe and now you can too!

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