Miley Cyrus Sunglasses

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    What sunglasses does Miley Cyrus wear? This section of ShadesDaddy.com is dedicated to the style and fashion of eyewear that Miley Cyrus wears. We're constantly looking to see what she is wearing so we can share with you and you can achieve the Miley look. We cannot show images due to copyright / legal issues but the following sunglasses displayed below are sunglasses and styles that are seen on Miley Cyrus through pictures. Ready to get the Miley look and style? Browse the styles below!
    If youre a true Smiler you would know that this former Disney princess has traded her Hannah Montana wardrobe in for an edgier (to say the least) look. Youll usually catch Miley strutting the streets in her short platinum blond hair, combat boots and a bare midriff. Her look, however, wouldn't be as edgy without her usual pair of sunglasses. This talented actress/singer usually prefers funky looks which makes her choices in eyewear a lot of fun.
    Miley is usually seen in funky sunglasses but one of her trademark sunglasses are round Ray-Ban classic sunglasses as well as Ray-Ban Aviators.