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    What sunglasses does Slash wear? This section of ShadesDaddy.com is dedicated to the style and fashion of eye wear that Slash wears. We're constantly looking to see what he is wearing so we can share with you and you can get the Slash look. We cannot show images due to copyright / legal issues but the following sunglasses displayed below are sunglasses and styles that are seen on Slash through pictures. 

    Ready to get the Slash look and style? Browse the styles below! Known for his curly long hair, leather clothing, black top hat and classic aviator sunglasses, Slash would definitely be on our list of celebrities with great sunglasses style.The former lead guitarist of the Guns N Roses has made a made a name for himself in the world of heavy rock. He has been associate with Ray- Ban throughout his career and has made the aviators even more recognized with his successful endorsements.

    How do we determine the sunglasses selection on this page? We use Google Images to search through many SLASH sunglasses pictures and show you a similar if not exact match sunglasses so you can get the same look!

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