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    Celebrity songbird Taylor Swift has done well in making sunglasses her trademark fashion. The Ray Ban enthusiast has many guessing what she wears and why she does it. There is a unique blend between the woman and sunglasses. Both match and blend well. However, Taylor Swift sports different types of sunglasses for specific occasions. It is indicative of her passion for style. In fashion magazines, interviewers said she described herself as passionate about fashion and loved experimenting. This begs the question what sunglasses does Taylor Swift wear often?
    Taylor has often worn the 54mm lens Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 sunglasses. These are large lens sunglasses. Their size raises brows adding to the mystery of Taylor Swift. Could she be having an eye condition? Fashion bloggers have sought to understand how she is able to match these sunglasses to blend with her pretty face, and sense of fashion.
    In an interview, on November 2008, Taylor Swift confessed she has bad eyesight a reason why she wears certain types of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Interestingly, fans and many fashion bloggers find the sunglasses quite good. They blend well with her beautiful face, though she describes them as big and ugly, besides unwanted by anyone. Ray Ban is in fact one of the most popular brands of sunglasses today. Most celebrities wear the label. Taylor Swift has a huge collection of Ray-Ban glasses. All of the glasses have the provision that ensures her poor eyesight is compensated for by designer contact lens to increase the sight.
    The Ray-Ban Wayfarers are her main thing when she is outdoors, shopping, and walking. In most occasions, the celebrity singer has been seen sporting the wayfarers that she matches with red lipstick, and great style to compliment her beauty making the Ray-Ban Wayfarers her main sunglasses when she is out and about. The Ray-Ban fierce cat eye sunglasses are another of Swift's favorites. Also designed to make her eyesight remain intact while ensuring she gets that cat look, the Ray-Ban cat eyes are vintage. These are everyday casuals that give you the ideal look anytime of the day. Swift loves that vintage look and combines it with Hollywood style to give her a unique look. She does not have many of these unlike the 54mm lens Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 sunglasses that she has in plenty.
    Lolita glasses, love shaped big lens by Ray-Ban is another fashionable look she borrowed from the movie Lolita. The glasses are meant to bring out the playful and romantic Taylor Swift. Now you have it, the style, and glamour by Taylor Swifts penchant for Ray-Bans unique variety of trendy and designer sunglasses.

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