Tiger Woods Sunglasses

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    Before woods became famous, golf was considered a past time among the rich. It was more associated with middle age men than with young sportsmen. However, phenomenal players like Tiger woods, Michelle Wie changed the society's perspective, and now golf is one of the mainstream games like basketball, tennis or football.
    Since it is an outdoor sport, golf sunglasses are a necessity among the players to reduce the effect of the sun. They also serve as a fashion statement among the players. This fashion statement effects buyer behaviour and purchase decisions. Major sunglass brands like Nike, Adidas, ray ban and Oakley have come up with specialized golf glasses are specifically suited for the sport. Before the rise of the great Tiger Woods, famous golf players such as Greg Norman and Sam Snead popularized golf hats that saved them from the scorching sun. However, Tiger woods set a style statement in the last decade with his trendy UV rays protection sunglasses that has lived until today.
    Generally, a round of golf takes 4-6 hours to complete and it is most likely held between 9am to 4pm when the sun is the brightest. The UV rays along with windburn greatly increases the risks of damage to the eyes, ears, skin and the scalps. Thus, suitable headwear is highly necessary when heading out for a match. There are high chances of eye related problems like macular degeneration, cataracts, etc with the right kind of sunglasses. Tiger Woods is often seen with his black shield shades from Nike. Along with the sunglasses, he has also adorned other sporting accessories and paraphernalia. The choice of sunglass depends on the person and the circumstance he would be playing in. There are various kinds of sunglass to fit each kind of golfers needs. If it is a bright and sunny day, you will find Woods with a piece of polarized sunglasses they heavily reduce the glare from the sun light. If it is a huge field and he has to look at far distances, you will find him wearing lenses that are amber coloured. The amber coloured glasses filter blue light and thus enhance viewing distant objects. If it is cloudy, Woods puts on yellow or orange lenses as they help him see clearly in low light conditions.
    Woods has always had the best collection of sunglasses ideal for every scenario. Thus, his choices have also altered market behavior, not just in the golfing community but also among the normal public. The manufacturers have also produced some of the highest quality eyewear for golfers and normal people. This surge of sunglasses have significantly increased the products global market share, particularly in the US and European countries.

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