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Tom Cruise Sunglasses

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Tom Cruise is a style icon, period. He is a style icon without even having to try; he is natural. If there was anything that enhanced his stylishness more than any other accessories, that would be his choice of shades. There are very few people who would look cool in any pair of shades. Tom Cruise easily occupies one of the top slots on such a list. His style with shades has inspired many around the globe to get a similar pair. Here are a few:
In TOP-GUN - RAY BAN AVIATORS RB 3025 The dashing looks with which Tom portrays Pete Maverick Mitchell while maneuvering the F-14A Tomcat of the USS Enterprise sets the screen on fire. Tom Cruise sporting the aviator in Top Gun is simply the most iconic image of all times in Sunglasses history. It is no wonder that he is referred to as the King of the aviators.
Be it for a personal outing with the family or a professional portrayal of the ever-so-popular Ethan Hunt in MI-2, Tom Cruise has shown sound reasoning behind choosing the Oakley Fives or the Jacket. The craze, with which people sought to get such a pair, is legendary.
When Tom stepped out on a date night wearing all black, he chooses to complement that with a Dior. His clean shaved features were faultlessly projected by the choice of shades.
Tom Cruise's choice of shades accentuates his overall style quotient. That's one reason why when he wears a Gucci 1586, people are ready to give up their previous favorites and follow the trend set by him. He makes the transition look so simple and so stylish that fans around the world would not think twice before they make the change.
He personally seems to like darker shades and metal frames in real life as against his characters on screen. This does not seem to apply to the Persol shades with the Wayfarer style. He is seen a lot with it and also suits him quite well.
When we see Tom Cruise with sunglasses on, we see him being comfortable. So besides being classy and stylish, it is evident that he looks for effect and comfort. His sunglasses are often covering his entire eye region, from above the eyebrow to well below the eye sockets. In short Tom Cruise has panache for style, with or without the shades. But when it is with shades he makes sure they are the best pair money can buy.
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