Von Zipper


    When you think of Von Zipper, you think COOLNESS. Von Zipper is a brand that is owned by surf giant Billabong and has come to the sunglasses market in a strong way, very much influenced by extreme sports, most notably surfers and snowboarders.

    The Von Zipper sunglasses collection brings pure spunk and coolness to anyone rockin a pair. The Von Zipper collection carries all types of frames and lenses from Rxable to polarized lenses.

    Some of the cooler and popular shades by Von Zipper include styles such as: Von Zipper Elmore, Fulton, Sidepipe, Bionacle and more!

    The VON ZIPPER Message: A positive manifesto to the alternative mind set, where it is your God given right to scream your individuality at the top of your lungs. With a unique mix of fashion forward products, advertising, personalities and relationships, Von Zipper is here to spread the gospel of the good life.

    Von Zipper Warranty: All Von Zipper sunglasses are held to the highest quality standards and offer a lifetime warranty.

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