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    The fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent was founded in 1962 and became an immediate style maker. In the 60s and 70s, YSL was responsible for such trends as safari jackets, tall, thigh-high boots, tight pants, and even the beatnik look. Perhaps the most famous design to come from YSL is the famous and famously sexy tuxedo suit for women called Le Smoking. Celebrities who have rocked Le Smoking over the past 40 years include women as diverse as Bianca Jagger and Ashley Olsen.

    Todays YSL ready-to-wear is created under the direction of Stefano Pilati, who has a decidedly franais approach to fashion. Much the same could be said for Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses: they are distinctive, extremely well crafted, and could not be mistaken for any other brand. The Yves Saint Laurent 6176/S is a modern rimless style that has an unusual cross bar connecting the two lenses. It is slightly dipped in the middle - enough to make it interesting without making it weird. Another touch on this particular style is a circular metal adornment on each of the side pieces that sets it apart from all others and happens to look very coolly European. You can get this style in a range of lens colors to suit every taste. Another great modern styles is the YSL2240, which is a very angular style with the exception of the nose bridge, which is nicely rounded.

    Have you ever seen something and said to yourself, I cant quite put my finger on it, but something about that looks French? The YSL2240 has this quality. It also has adjustable nose pads and the YSL logo on the side pieces and comes in the iconic gold frame / dark green lens combo.

    Even though Yves Saint Laurent made a name for himself by taking traditionally masculine pieces (like the smoking jacket) and making them over for women to astonishingly sexy effect, he also knew how to do ladylike extraordinarily well. The YSL6169/S is a perfect example of that aesthetic. It is a rounded, distinctly feminine frame done up in a gorgeous caramel brown frame with Light Brown gradient lenses. The temple pieces feature the YSL logo and a heart made of rhinestones. These sunglasses practically demand to be worn in a convertible with the top down on winding mountain roads, with a gorgeous silk scarf worn around the neck.

    Yves Saint Laurents YSL2255 is the YSL take on the masculine metal-framed rectangular style. It has adjustable nose pads and masculine lines that go perfectly with any style of clothing and look terrific on a majority of male facial shapes. Not content to be just another rectangular metal framed pair of sunglasses, these have Shiny Ruthenium frames with Brown lenses, a combination you wont see elsewhere in this this style. Yves Saint Laurent died in 2008, but it is clear from the YSL sunglasses collection that his influence is still felt at the legendary brand.

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