Are Sunglasses Supposed To Cover Your Eyebrows?

Selecting sunglasses may prove to be an extremely challenging feat. It is not only about the infinite lens features that you need to sift through and decide which ones you absolutely need or the ones you can forego; it also includes sorting through the numerous fashionable frame styles that have made it to most opticians and sunglass specialists. Options do not always make things easier!


Generally, the hunt for the perfect sunglasses starts by identifying your face shape. There are six face shapes in general – oval, oblong, square, round, triangular and diamond. Different frame styles are known to suit better on different faces. But there is no hard and fast rule regarding the selection of frames. In the end, it all sums up to whatever looks best on you.

When and if you are through with selecting the lens and frame for your sunglasses, the next most important thing is to identify the current trends. There may be some specifics you might like to incorporate in your purchase. Nevertheless, as long as you feel comfortable with your selection, you have pretty much nothing to worry about.


This brings us to the question; are sunglasses supposed to cover your eyebrows? First and foremost, sunglasses are supposed to protect your eyes against UV radiations, blue light and glare, enhance vision clarity and precision, and also promote eye comfort. If anything else, the sunglasses need to make you look “cool” and “attractive” and prevent you from looking hideous. That is what your sunglasses are supposed to do!

Most opticians and specialists agree covering your eyebrows with sunglasses is not an essential. It all depends on your personal preferences. In most cases, people who do not cover their eyebrows look as attractive as those who do. There is no scientific explanation for this choice to justify your selection.

Some sunglasses are built to hide your eyebrows which has become a very on-trend look for celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Trying to cover up your eyebrows with low lying or slim sunglasses can prove to be highly irritating and disheartening. It is therefore best not to put this aspect at the top of your checklist. In the end, an eyebrow-revealing sunglass may look better on you than a veiling one!

Knowing Your Face Shape

Another thing to consider is that people have different face shapes. Some may even have high rising arched eyebrows that may be impossible to cover with sunglasses. It is perfectly normal to select those sunglasses which fit your face, not your eyebrows! Or it may be impossible for such individuals to find the perfect pair for themselves.

Hiding your eyebrows with sunglasses does not have anything to do with improving its capability to block stray light. If you find someone suggesting the purchase of a bigger pair of sunglasses for this reason, rest assured there is no scientific explanation to justify this claim. It is best to stick with a selection that makes you look good and you feel comfortable in. Once this is done, nothing else matters!