How To Fix Crooked Sunglasses - A Quick Guide To Get Your Frames Right

Sunglasses are essential for every individual who wishes to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the ultra violet light of the sun, while outdoors. Sunglasses are available in a wide variety of different designs and frame styles, with most of them easily available with prescription lenses for better protection and convenient use.

How to fix crooked sunglasses

Sunglasses, like every other accessory, are liable to deteriorate or get affected with time. Some sunglass frames tend to get bent or crooked, while others do not perch properly on the nose making it very uncomfortable for the individual to use their favorite sunglasses outdoors.

Some frames get crooked because of improper usage or negligence like, keeping the sunglasses in the bag or pocket with other heavy things which serve to spoil the original structure of the eyewear. Some individuals either do not take suitable care of their sunglasses or damage them as a result of accidents from the slipping or fall of the delicate eyewear.

A pair of sunglasses might become crooked due to excessive use, accident or carelessness, but there is a need to fix the unsuitable condition of the eyewear, in order to ensure effective protection and ease of the user.

There are a few effective ways to fix crooked sunglasses, which are as follows:

Bend A Little 

If the sunglasses frame is of metal, then a little pressure on the structure might result in restoring the original shape of the eyewear. But it is essential to understand that too much pressure might even cause the sunglasses to break.

Use Of Appropriate Tools

Small screwdrivers are ideal for fixing and tightening minute screws in a sunglass frame. By checking for and tightening any screws, a crooked sunglass can easily be fixed.

Fixing Through A Warm Water Bath

Dipping the plastic frame in warm water tends to soften the material which makes it easier to bend. But it is very important to make sure that the lenses of the sunglasses do not get damaged by the hot water. Prescription lenses should not be exposed to tepid water, as it might spoil their effectiveness.

Also it is not an advisable method to use if the frame is cracked or damaged.

The Hair Dryer Method

By using a hair dryer on the spot which an individual wants to bend to remove the crookedness, a pair of favorite sunglasses can be made fit for proper use again.

Visit An Eyewear Store

Though there are methods to easily straighten out a sunglass frame, it is advisable to seek the advice of eyewear experts who can provide professional services to fix a crooked pair of sunglasses.

Seek Guidance From Manufacturers

An individual can also ask for help from the representatives of the brand from which they purchased their sunglasses. Many eyewear brands offer assistant services in this regard as well as warranties for any manufacturing defects.

Consult Optometrists

Consulting an optometrist is a very feasible and wise option to choose, as a specialist can handle and fix the damage to the sunglasses with precision and expertise. They also let the individual know if the damage to the eyewear can be fixed or not and if the person needs to purchase a new pair for future use.