How To Tell If Your Ray-Bans Have Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses are trendy these days and this is not only due to the fact that most are high-quality shades, like Ray-Bans have polarized lenses, but also because there are multiple benefits on wearing this type of glasses.

When looking to buy a new pair of shades, browsing, you can easily check if your new Ray Bans will be polarized. However, if you want to know if your old faithful pair of shades have it, you might need for extra tips on how to tell if your Ray Bans have polarized lenses.

Are my Ray-Bans polarized?

The first thing you want to look for, when you want to tell if your Ray Bans have polarized lenses, is the trademark P, which stands for polarized. This little mark can be found right on the lenses, near the specific Ray-Ban logo, which is found in the top corner of the lenses.

Another place where you can look for the P is the inner part of the ear band. If there's no P in there either, there are more ways to find if your shades are polarized.

Reflective surface test

When talking about an older or already used pair of Ray-Bans, the P sign could be already faded out, so here is another simple tip to check your shades.

As polarized lenses reduce glare, find a surface which has plenty of glare and while keeping the glasses horizontally, look through them. Now, slightly rotate the glasses to about 60 degrees and see what happens: if your Ray-Bans have polarized lenses, the glare will diminish. Otherwise, it will look the same or even get sharper.

The PC test

Another simple tip on how to tell if your Ray-Bans have polarized lenses is to keep them in front of a PC monitor. Monitors and polarized glasses use the same technology to reduce glare, so your LCD is polarized for certain. Keep the glasses in front of the open monitor and turn them to 60 degrees: if they are polarized, the lenses will turn black. The LCD method is the only one which works for yellow tinted polarized lenses.

This method works with two pairs of Ray Bans as well: you only need to know which one is polarized for sure, to find out if the other pair has polarized lenses.

Now that you know how to tell if your Ray-Bans have polarized lenses, test your shades! If you can't find the big P, shop for fashionable and healthy glasses on right now, to make sure your eyes benefit from 100% UV protection and glare reduction, which are valuable assets for a pair of sunglasses.