Top Gun Sunglasses: What Sunglasses Does Tom Cruise Wear in Top Gun?

If we're going to discuss iconic sunglasses in movies, Tom Cruise in top gun may lead the conversation. Every male wanted a pair of Aviators after watching Top Gun which today, is still one of my favorite movies. The look Tom Cruise has in Top Gun is one of the most iconic and classic looks today with those aviators. Originally by American Optical, the closest you can get to the EXACT look is buying a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators or another one of our under $30 Aviators which are a great look at a great price.

Ray-Ban Classic Aviators RB 3025 L0205 RAY BAN AVIATOR SUNGLASSES RB 3025 L0205 58 MM

 Ray-Ban Classic Aviators RB 3025 001/58 PolarizedRAY BAN AVIATOR POLARIZED SUNGLASSES RB 3025 001/58 - 62MM