What is the Difference between Different Color Lenses for Sunglasses?

While many of us pick sunglasses based on looks, the actual lens color of sunglasses does have an effect on how you see in terms of light and contrast. So, for this reason, it’s very important to understand how each lens color of sunglasses affects our vision and how we see light.

The lens color of a pair of sunglasses will actually serve as functionality depends on what you want them for and the type of lifestyle you want them for.

When talking about polarized lenses, they will make a big difference in terms of reducing glare and optimizing vision.

Different lens colors sunglasses

 Source: PrivateIslandParty.com


Grey Lenses and Green Lenses:  These types of lenses are really the most neutral when it comes to sunglass lenses and are the most popular lens colors among most sunglasses frames.  Both of these color lenses are best for bright sunshine.

Brown Lenses: Brown lenses are just about as popular as the above. Brown lenses are known to cause minor color distortion but do increase contrast. Brown lenses are also best for overcast days or flatter light (i.e. sun still shining.)

Copper Lenses:  Copper lenses are best known for increasing contrast during medium and high light. Copper lenses are especially popular for fishing because it helps bring out the contrast while keeping the colors real.

Orange Lenses and Yellow Lenses:  These color lenses are typically used by pilots, fisherman, hunters, marksmen and boaters. Although – you might see some people going for orange or yellow lenses because of their super awesome retro look. The orange and yellow lenses increase contrast and depth perception – they also increase color distortion so if you’re looking to see the colors as real as possible, these aren’t for you.

Rose Lenses:  Rose lenses are good lenses for low-light conditions but do add a bit of contrast as well.

Blue Lenses and Purple Lenses:  These type of color lenses are pure fashion-based lenses and will serve no real purpose in regards to light.