Vintage Glasses

Embrace the allure of bygone eras with vintage glasses, capturing the essence of timeless style and adding a touch of nostalgia to your eyewear collection.

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Dark Tortoise
1 Color
Save 64%
Light Gold|Gradient Brown
Save 60%
Shiny Crystal/Demo Lens
From $34.00
Save 59%
Black | Transparent
2 Colors
From $89.10
Save 80%
Shiny Light Gold - Polarized
1 Color
Save 68%
Black | Grey Gradient
3 Colors
From $119.93
Save 58%
Light Gold/Pale Yellow Transpa | Blue Grey Gradient
From $43.59
Save 71%
Pale Gold/Alabaster
Prada0PR 64YV
1 Color
Save 66%
Satin Light Gold
Save 50%
Silver | Transparent
2 Colors
From $221.32
Save 80%
Black | Transparent
2 Colors
From $118.25
Save 80%
00G Net Gray W/Gray Rubber | Copper Silver Mirror 580G
From $229.00
Save 33%
Arista | Brown Gradient Mirror Pink
Ray BanRB3647N
16 Colors
From $207.00
Black On Silver | Light Grey Gradient Dark Grey
From $38.50
Save 50%

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Step Back in Time with Unparalleled Elegance: Explore Our Collection of Vintage Glasses

Transport yourself to a bygone era of sophistication and class with our collection of vintage glasses. These timeless sunglasses and eyeglasses pieces are inspired by the fashion trends of yesteryears, offering a touch of nostalgia and a unique sense of style. Featuring the round and wire-rimmed designs of the 1970s, our vintage glasses capture the essence of vintage fashion and allow you to make a bold fashion statement. Each pair is carefully sourced and curated to ensure authenticity and quality, providing you with an opportunity to embrace the charm of the past.

What sets vintage glasses apart is their unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. These glasses for men and women are often handmade with precision, using high-quality materials and showcasing intricate embellishments. From intricate filigree work to delicate engravings, vintage glasses are a testament to the artistry of the past. By adorning your face with a pair of vintage glasses, you not only express your individuality but also carry a piece of history and showcase your appreciation for the timeless elegance of vintage fashion.

In addition to their style and craftsmanship, vintage glasses often offer a level of durability and reliability that stands the test of time. The quality materials used in their construction, combined with the care and craftsmanship that went into their creation, ensure that these glasses are built to last. Whether you're seeking a new pair of everyday glasses or a unique accessory for special occasions, vintage glasses provide a touch of sophistication and a sense of nostalgia that cannot be replicated. Explore our collection of vintage glasses and embrace the allure of timeless eyewear that transcends trends and exudes enduring charm.

Vintage Glasses FAQ
Are polarized sunglasses better?
Offering enhanced contrast and clarity, polarized lenses are better as long as you're using them in bright and sunny conditions. Head over to our Polarized Sunglasses Collection for our full assortment of the latest in lens technology.
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When were sunglasses invented?
Sunglasses, in some form, have been around since ancient times. However, modern sunglasses as we know them today, with tinted lenses specifically designed to protect the eyes from sunlight, were first introduced in the mid-18th century.
Where to get eyeglasses?
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